Kelley Katzenmeyer

Kelley Katzenmeyer is a young filmmaker and a part time student at Columbia University. As a high school senior, she won the 2010 YoungArts Gold Award in Cinema and was nominated as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, meeting President Obama. Her short film "To Be Remembered" has screened at film festivals across America, including the Nashville Film Festival, one of the oldest, longest-running film festivals in the United States. After graduating from the NC School of the Arts High School in 2010, Kelley received a full scholarship from the U.S. Department of State to study abroad in South Korea. It was then, at the age of 18, she began shooting a documentary about the competition and pressure Korean high school students face.

Cheol Young Kim

Producer Cheol Young Kim is the CEO and President of H-Virus, a Seoul-based production company specializing in both short and feature-length films. He has been producing this documentary on Korean high schools since 2011.

Bo Yeon Kim

Bo Yeon is a writer for the screen and a literary translator. Following the footsteps of her diplomat father, she grew up in five different countries and seven different cities before her family returned to Korea. She is currently an MFA candidate at UCLA's prestigious screenwriting program. When she's not making up stories, translating, or helping out with the documentary, she drinks too much coffee and watches too much TV. She hopes to make a living out of that one day. Website.

Director of Photography

  • Steve Milligan


  • Ho Jae Ho
  • Jean Rheem
  • Sung Houn Kim
  • Won Jun Jeong

Camera Operators

  • Won Jung Jeong
  • Onji Bae
  • Young Jae Cho
  • Seung Houn Han
  • Brian Hutson
  • Jen Lee


  • Jong Hajoon
  • Jason Jang


  • Jay Jeong


  • Sun Hyung Kim
  • Min Ki Cho


  • Trevor Seok
  • In Young Jung
  • Haein Moon
  • Kim Da-sul
  • Chan-Mi Kim
  • Hayang Yang
  • Seunghyun Baek
  • Lucy Lee
  • Tae Young Woo
  • Jin Young Paik
  • Tongsup Park
  • Joey Seo
  • Young Ko
  • Hyung Lee
  • Jason Jang